* Financial Statements are crucial to making the best decisions for your business. Anything Numbers provides the peace of mind of knowing that all the numbers are accounted for. More importantly a Monthly Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet provide the business owner with essential information needed to make informed decision about their business.

* Quarterly financial analysis meetings with your personal accountant will give the client an opportunity to ask questions, help to clarify the business’s opportunities.

* We utilize Cloud based systems to offer access to automated real-time financial information.

Past Due or Multiple Year Filings

At Anything Numbers, Inc. its important that you feel comfortable with every step of the process. We help prepare you for the IRS communications and walk you through each step in the process.

* Requesting Refunds – We can file to have up to 3 years tax refunds direct deposited into your account.

* IRS Installment Plans – If your return results in a balance due we can walk you through setting up an Installment plan with the IRS and qualifying for discounts associated with direct withdrawals.

* Penalty Forgiveness – We can access your situation and advise if you qualify for a penalty forgiveness.

Services We Offer