Jennie Richards

Anything Numbers founding accountant, Jennie Richards is an insightful out of the box thinker.  Raised in Jacksonville Beach, home-schooled and later graduated from Fletcher High School. A first generation college graduate with a Bachelors in Accounting and Masters in Business from University of North Florida.

Jennie has 17 years of diverse finance and accounting experience in the areas of: real-estate (Vestcor), government and the courts (State of FL Court System), retail and grocery (Winn-Dixie), and not-for-profit (PACE Center for Girls).   

She has a unique mix of right brained logic and left brained passion and compassion evidenced in her varied talents.  A wiz in anything numbers and a passion to make a difference.  


Jennie Richards

Better than any visual

Early financial challenges drove me to seek a way to help people to achieve financial independence. At 26 I passed the CPA exam and proceeded to build a diverse, well-rounded resume with the intent of becoming an entrepreneur.

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